Rebirth Window Cleaning

Dedicated to the conservation and care of our community


Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the local aesthetics of our communities by providing top tier window cleaning services to local businesses and homeowners. Our guiding principles are integrity, professionalism, community engagement , customer satisfaction, and impeccable quality of work.


Our Vision

We are looking to build communities from a beautification and economic standpoint. Every service we provide is an investment back into our community.

Our Purpose

We want to be the sole provider for your cleaning services while employing those within the community presenting the opportunity to run and manage their own business. We plan to enhance the appearance of your location to attract more clientele and help to maintain your site's reputation as a professional community pillar.



Rebirth Window Cleaning Services is black owned and operated a business based out of Nashville, TN. The ownership group is comprised of Tennessee State University graduates who are combining our efforts to beautify and uplift the community that gave so much to us. We are currently seeking to work with businesses both small and large. With the name rebirth, we plan to bring a new life to the overall beautification of your business. Windows are the portal to your place of operations. We want customers to see the best version of you and that's the outcome that we provide.

With our standard of work set as high as it is. We aim to provide our customers with only premium services. Our expectation levels for those who bear the Rebirth name are to uphold those qualities that define us. As an operating contractor of Rebirth, we will hold all operators responsible for the Quality of service contract that will be signed upon acceptance of each assignment.

We want to help turn our operators into their own business owners. As we get our customers we present the opportunity for contracts to gain the contracts based upon approval during our on-boarding process. The goal is to place everyone in the driver's seat as we grow the communities around us.

If you request more information about Rebirth Window Cleaning, reach out to our email address